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He Must Have Slept With His Wife

This might be a good reason to curb fighting in the NHL. The imposing Evgeny Artyuhkin (6’4″, 254) of the Tampa Bay Lightning pushes the 5’10” Ville Peltonen of Florida around immediately after the puck drops, AT THE START OF REGULATION! Being the veteran that he is, Peltonen, 35, did not back down at all from the much younger and stronger Artyukhin. These kinds of these really ought to be regulated and/or outlawed. There’s a reason this video has been viewed over 76,000 times on Youtube in less than 48 hours; the size difference (and timing of the fight) is ridiculous and, in a way, amusing.

Fighting in the NHL- for the sake of the history and tradition of the game and the hardcore fans- cannot be totally outlawed, but tremendous size differences like these should not be allowed to take place, even if it was the smaller guy who started the whole thing. The referees should have probably been a little quicker to stop this thing before Peltonen got pummeled to the ice.

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