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The Wrath of Khan

The boxing world is abuzz over the recent lightweight bout between young star and Olympic silver medalist Amir Khan, and boxing legend Marco Antonio Barrera. The Manchester, UK crowd was firmly on Khan’s side throughout the fight, and Khan took it to the never-say-die veteran until it was called due to the enormous gash on Barrera’s forehead. Despite the accidental contact that caused the gash (the two butted heads in the opening round), Khan earned the TKO anyway. Khan consistently got Barrera up against the ropes, and his quick fists clearly dominated Barrera’s defensive approach, as you can see in this 9-minute video containing the top highlights of the bout:

Khan’s great victory is being somewhat overshadowed in the media by Barrera’s immense disappointment. Sport’s Illustrated’s Chris Mannix believes Barrera’s career is unquestionably over after the loss. Jason Sardelis thought Barrera should have stopped the fight when he could escape with a no-decision. And Dan Rafael of ESPN wonders what could have been if Barrera never suffered the gash in the first round.


March 16, 2009 - Posted by | boxing

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