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New NBA Playoff Ads: Dwayne Wade

Dwayne Wade has two things- which he accomplished in the same postseason- of which neither LeBron James nor Kobe Bryant have both: an NBA championship and a Finals MVP award. While LeBron, 24, will most likely earn those honors some day, he still has neither. And while Kobe has three rings, he won them mostly in the shadow of Shaquille O’Neal. So in that respect, perhaps it’s Wade who should enter the postseason as the league’s most feared player.

While Wade also had Shaq to team with on Miami’s championship run in 2006, it was pretty clear that it was Wade’s performance that brought them to the top. He averaged 34.7 points and 7.8 rebounds per game in the 6-game series, in what John Hollinger named the greatest NBA Finals performance of all time.

So with the Heat currently occupying the #5 seed, the rest of the league ought to be aware of Wade at all times. And don’t be surprised if Flash takes his team for a similar ride this season. clearly wouldn’t be surprised, as evidenced by their inclusion of Wade in this season’s postseason ad campaign.


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