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Daily Duel(s) 3/26: Rechlicz vs. Scott, Witt vs. Sheppard

Today’s Daily Duel is a double-feature, because both fights came from Wednesday’s same Islanders-Wild game. Both feature big, mean dudes who can hold their own with anyone. Joel Rechlicz is at it again for the Islanders, this time getting in an early tussle with John Scott of Minnesota. Rechlicz just looks like a tough guy with his unshaven face and snarling scowl, but it’s Scott who lands most of the solid blows here. The two look to run out of gas before the refs break up an A+ bout for which my vote would go to Scott.

Later in the game, Brendan Witt gets overly territorial in front of his own net by cross-checking James Sheppard in the back, who takes exception to the hit. Witt does a nice job getting Sheppard’s helmet off, but at that point Sheppard pretty much wraps up his arms until the referees break it up. Witt gets the victory by default.


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