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Police Officer Detains Ryan Moats While His Mother-in-law Dies In Hospital

And police officers wonder why they have to deal with so much disrespect from offenders. They treat everyone they pull over like they are dangerous, violent criminals, and it shows in this shocking (not really) video of the officer, Robert Powell of the Dallas Police Department. Powell seems to be oblivious to the fact that he just chased Texans runningback Ryan Moats into a hospital parking lot. At the very least, how does a bulb not go off in his head to indicate his wife is in labor?  He showed a lack of common sense there.  I understand he’s required to enforce the law, but he’s also allowed to use some discretion and compassion. Is it really a big deal to just wait for Moats to come out of the hospital to talk to him?

He continues to deride Moats for his driving, repeatedly referencing the red light he ran. He looked for outstanding warrants, wrote a ticket and even drew his gun while Moats stood there, beside himself. He told Moats, “I can screw you over…I can make your life very difficult.”

Isn’t that what he was doing at just that moment? The 25-year-old Powell let Moats’ wife’s mother die in the hospital while Moats stood there and cooperated. And even after Moats began cooperating, Powell continued to admonish him for his attitude. I mean, we all know how much more important a routine traffic stop is than being with your wife at her mother’s death bed.  And Moats had no reason to be upset with him, right?  *Rolls eyes*

(Click here for Part Two.)

The problem is, incidents like this probably happen all the time to regular people. It took this being done to an NFL player for it to be noticed. Powell was placed on administrative leave for his unreasonably inconsiderate behavior in detaining Moats in the parking lot and this is just another case of police officers demanding way too much respect from detainees. If they didn’t treat everyone like they thought they were above the law, maybe they’d get the respect they deserve.

Moats didn’t think he was above the law here; he simply wanted to get to his mother-in-law’s death bed on time. He would have accepted whatever happened afterward like any normal citizen. That would have been an okay price to pay to be with your wife in one of the toughest moments of her life. But instead he missed being by his her side. Powell could lose his job over this incident.

Good work, Officer Powell! Way to do your job. I’m sure it was worth the power trip.

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