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Gillespie regrets not winning more games…Duh!

Was it even necessary for Billy Gillespie, who was fired as Kentucky Wildcats coach Friday, to mention that he regrets not winning more games? I’m pretty sure that’s the main reason most coaches are fired in the first place. Kansas went 40-27 in two seasons under Gillespie, who was hired to replace Tubby Smith and hopefully restore prominence to a program that hadn’t made the Final Four since 1998 when they won the National Championship.

Things obviously didn’t go according to plan, and Gillespie was cut loose. What caught reporters off guard was his unusually cheerful behavior at today’s press conference, in which he cracked jokes about his unemployment and exhibited no hard feelings toward the basketball program at Kentucky, one of the most storied in history. He seems to be understanding of the very high standards to which he was held by the Wildcats, and perhaps aware that his firing was imminent. He seems too understanding to not be hiding some disappointment.  But nonetheless, this is what Gillespie was quoted as saying today:

“I’m not a woe-is-me kind of person…I’ve always said this, show up every day, try to work hard, try to do your best with the right attitude and everything works out right. I’ve had a great time here at Kentucky.”

Here’s an amusing video (courtesy of Deadspin) circulating the web of Gillespie trying to escape a reporter who follows him for what seems like miles. It’s pretty obvious that he’s not really on the phone; not that the reporter would care anyway. It gets pretty comical at the end when they start running.


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