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Kopitar Makes Turco Look Silly in Shootout

I must get one thing straight: I am NOT a fan of shootouts in the NHL. It was a rule implemented to draw more casual fans to the game and increase ratings, as well as excitement of the finish of a game. But the negatives far outweigh the positives three years into the shootout era. It may be a much more exciting end to a game than a tie, but it essentially decides 60 minutes of nail-bitingly close hockey on staged breakaways.

As a hockey purist and pre-lockout fan, I would have much rather they kept ties in hockey. It would have kept the season series between teams as interesting as they were before now, where teams within divisions play each other way too much and affect records and points standings through this novelty. Like inter-league play in baseball, the shootout should wear out its welcome in the NHL sooner rather than later.

Though it won’t make me any more of a fan of them, shootouts do still contain some nifty plays by the skaters. This one by Anze Kopitar- a particularly nice one that made it onto Youtube as its own video- essentially decided the 1-0 Kings-Stars game on Friday. As he jukes to the left to force Marty Turco to over-commit, he uses his reach to take the puck back around the sprawled Turco and slide it into the gaping net. I’ll still be more impressed when Kopitar pulls this off in a real game. But a nice play nonetheless, check it out:


Other Shootout Videos:


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