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Daily Duel(s): Lucic vs. Oreskovic, Montador vs. Schenn

Brian Burke recently spoke at MIT, and made it very clear that his teams will always lead the NHL in fighting majors. He encourages his players to throw their weight around, in order to provide as entertaining a brand of hockey as possible. He’s also well aware that it’s very hard to win even one Stanley Cup, especially in the new NHL. Since there are 30 teams he figures on average you’ll win the Cup once every 30 years; the problem is, the Maple Leafs haven’t won in over 40.

But for now, they can keep on fighting. They won’t make the playoffs this year, but they won’t lay down for anyone either. In Saturday night’s barn-burner against the Bruins, two notable bouts took place. Here’s the first one with resident tough guy Milan Lucic duking it out with Phil Oreskovic:

Later in the game, Steve Montador and Luke Schenn- “At it again Schenn” is my nickname for him, you read it here first!- go at it for a bit. Schenn took this one, but Lucic won the other fight. A draw for both teams in this department, but the Bruins won the game.

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