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Avery at it Again; Latest Incident Was NOT An Accident!

Rangers uber-agitator Sean Avery is like the passive-aggressive bully at school; he’ll put the “Kick Me” sign on your back, but never admit to doing it. It may take a serious ass-kicking for Avery to ever learn his lesson. There has never been a more immature, unprofessional and selfish player in the game of hockey than Avery. The Rangers didn’t seem to get the memo from the Dallas Stars, picking up Avery like a rotten piece of food that the Stars had already spit out. That said, let’s have a look at Avery’s latest incident.

The video is getting a lot of circulation on YouTube, as do most Avery clips, and mainly because there’s a debate over whether or not the play was an accident…Let me say that anyone who watches this video and truly, seriously believes Avery did not do this on purpose is a severely bad Rangers homer. Or just plain crazy.

As he casually glides back toward his bench, he looks away into space, perhaps in an effort to look like he didn’t mean to hit Bruins goalie Tim Thomas in the back of the head along the way. But he does, and he means it for sure. Just as Thomas has all season against agitators that have made contact with him, he sticks up for himself. As soon as he gets back to Avery for a hit of his own, he stops to make sure he doesn’t cross the red line and Avery simply keeps going back to the bench.

It may be easy to argue homerism from Boston announcers Jack Edwards and Andy Brickley, but that is simply not the case here. Avery did what he did on purpose without a shadow of a doubt. Thomas did NOT deserve a penalty for retaliating. And if he was going to get one, Avery needs extra minutes for instigating. Instead, the Bruins got a 4-on-4 situation that would have never taken place if not for Avery’s childish antics.

Note to the Youtube user sharing this video: it’s NOT an accident!


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  1. Here’s the full event in hd:

    Comment by Bruins Unite | April 7, 2009 | Reply

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