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Joba Chamberlain Denigrates New York Citizens In DUI Video

It’s unlikely Yankees pitcher and Nebraska native Joba Chamberlain won over many friends in New York with his recent behavior. He’ll have to pitch like a God to avoid being booed by even a small fraction of the Yankee Stadium faithful this season. The video of his DUI arrest from last October has now found its way to the New York Post, which didn’t hesitate to post it to YouTube; where it will certainly generate thousands of views.

In the video, Chamberlain doesn’t even seem too intoxicated, but it seems clear that he’s over the legal limit once he takes his sobriety test. He has an open bottle of Crown Royal on the passenger seat, which he tries to claim was not opened. The man can obviously handle his alcohol, but once you’re over the legal limit it’s hard for police not to notice- especially when you have some of the strongest whiskey possible on your breath. Once the police officer asks him to get back in the car, it’s likely he didn’t get back out until they arrived at the station.

The reason Chamberlain may garner some boos the next time he takes the mound is the way he denigrates the courtesy, or lack thereof, of citizens of New York City. The police officer obviously has rarely- or never- pulled over someone famous before, so he doesn’t hesitate to ask Chamberlain about life as a New York Yankee. And Chamberlain doesn’t hesitate to let him know how he feels about New Yorkers, specifically drivers. He compares them to Nebraska drivers as being devoid of any courtesy when being given the right of way.

As a Massachusetts driver, I can understand lack of courtesy in driving. But Chamberlain needs to realize that comparing the tightly-packed, rush-filled road grid of Manhattan to the mostly endless, straight and deserted roads of Nebraska is like comparing apples to oranges. Now that he said it- and that his words are public- maybe that crash he was talking about will actually happen, on purpose!

Chamberlain also speaks poorly of Yankees legend Yogi Berra, who apparently pestered him in the clubhouse before games. He told Chamberlain his locker was next to the training room because that’s where he should be. He apparently took offense to this, but also seems not to realize that Yogi has a point. He may be a cantankerous old man at this point in his life, but he can spot an overweight pitcher when he sees one. Old-school Yankee fans may disown Chamberlain forever for that one.

Without further ado, here’s the video that is likely to be the next Youtube sensation…At least for this week.


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