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Daily Duel for April 14: Joe Thornton vs. Steve Ott

There weren’t too many fists flying in the final days of the NHL regular season; teams either had nothing to prove or nothing to fight for. So for that reason, had to reach back an entire season to a San Jose – Dallas game from April 2008- a game in which Joe Thornton drops the gloves- to get some new material up. This is a rare occurrence for Jumbo Joe, who amassed a grand total of 56 penalty minutes in 82 games this season. He got in two fights this season, but today’s Daily Duel was against agitator extraordinaire Steve Ott from 2007-08. Watch Ott take a run at Sharks winger Milan Michalek, who has his back turned, then get rocked by Thornton flying from off-screen. Thornton immediately gets in Ott’s face and throws down. HOMER ALERT! from the announcers, who say Thornton is “pounding” Ott, when in reality no solid punches are landed by either combatant.

WINNER: Ott, hands down. The sheer fact that he goaded Thornton into getting himself off the ice for five minutes wins this match for him. The Stars would certainly trade the lack of Ott’s presence for the lack of Thornton’s any day of the week.

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  1. Joe Thornton wins since he has the best hockey underwear in the league. I blogged about it.

    Comment by Hockey Chics | April 14, 2009 | Reply

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