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Who Has Bigger Balls? Ray Allen or Anderson Varejao?

After watching this video, I think it’s a legitimate argument. After a Glen “Big Baby” Davis free throw, the Celtics’ Ray Allen and the Cavaliers’ Anderson Varejao tangle up as the ball falls through the hoop, and Varejao takes Allen by the arm and hurls him to the ground. Allen’s snap-reaction was to elbow Varejao directly in the junk, at which Varejao barely even blinks! With the complete lack of a reaction from Varejao, it’s almost surprising Allen didn’t break his elbow on Varejao’s package. He keeps walking around with his arms straight in the air like he’s trying to box Allen out as the referees break it up. It is truly bizarre behavior by the Cavs’ big man. Allen did have a right to be angry about being thrown to the ground on a made free throw, but he had no business doing something bush-league like elbowing Varejao directly in the family jewels. I agree with commentator Mark Jackson that both players should have received technical fouls for that altercation. Jackson also takes the opportunity to poke fun at Varejaos, ahem, endowment, or lack thereof. When Jeff Van Gundy says “He didn’t even bend Varejao over with that! I’m impressed by Varejao!”, Jackson snaps back with “I’m not!” which gets some chuckles. This only makes me want to see a Celtics – Cavs Eastern Conference Final even more.

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