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Daily Duel: Joe Thornton vs. Ryan Getzlaf

From April 27, 2009: The San Jose Sharks came down to their final breath, and a pathetic one it was. They took another shellacking from the 8-seed Anaheim Ducks, 4-1, in game 6 of their opening round matchup. Amazingly, it’s the Sharks who looked over-matched in this series, when they were the President’s Trophy winners. Looks like they’re going to get shut out of every other trophy this season.

Joe Thornton tries to salvage some level of dignity for San Jose by going toe-to-toe with fellow franchise center Ryan Getzlaf right off the opening faceoff. This is a pretty even fight, as it should be since they are similarly-sized and not experienced fighters. But I still would have put my money on the younger and more hard-nosed Getzlaf. Thornton had tried to get him going in the previous game, which the Sharks had to win to avoid elimination. Looks like Thornton shouldn’t have bothered with any of this behavior to begin with. He can go play golf while the Ducks take on the mighty Red Wings.


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