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Matt Vasgersian’s Embarrassing, Awkward Mistake

For some reason, Matt Vasgersian of the MLB Network felt a yearning need to break the tension in the studio. The crew looked over video of the Colorado Rockies’ Brad Hawpe getting taken off the field with a  neck brace on, and at the time no new information had been released on Hawpe’s status. It’s a serious situation, of course, but it’s not so bad that someone needs to lighten the air with a joke…Let alone, a horrifically stupid, inane joke that had no business ever being uttered! Vasgersian not only has his comment lined up, but makes the video crew go back and show the clip so he can say it. It appears as if Vasgersian is making an attempt at a “separated at birth” kind of joke by pointing out the security worker that kind of looks like Donovan McNabb. There’s no way he honestly believed McNabb was at Coors Field working security, so I guess Vasgersian just believes all black people look alike. He’s apparently also aware that they were live at the time, so this is a calculated blunder by Vasgersian. Not only was it a stupid, terrible joke, it was totally inappropriate. I honestly don’t think he deserves to be suspended or anything for it. The embarrassment is punishment enough.

What I admire Vasgersian for, though, is making a sincere apology the night after. Unfortunately, he couldn’t realize how stupid his joke was before blurting it out, but at least he realized his mistakes and took time to clear himself of them. I like that Rick Sutcliffe and Harold Reynolds just laugh it off like “Yeah Matt, we know you’re an idiot.”


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