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Padraig Harrington Does His Happy Gilmore Impression

I had to post this video, because Happy Gilmore (1996) happens to be one of my all-time favorite movies. Before I watched this segment from “Sport Science” on Fox Sports Net, I firmly believed that Adam Sandler’s golf shot in that movie was totally implausible. I was totally content suspending disbelief in order to enjoy the hilarity that ensues, but whenever anyone else said, “I wonder if hitting the ball like that really works,” I would always be quick to debunk that theory.

But 2008 PGA Player of the Year Padraig Harrington has officially proved me wrong. “Sport Science” confirmed that while his arm angle and swing between a normal one and Happy Gilmore one are almost identical, the few steps he takes before hitting the ball do add a bit more force to his club, and ultimately added about 30 yards to his drive. I’m hoping this leads to at least one golfer trying this approach in the future. I am so seldom entertained by golf tournaments, I would be glued to the TV if anyone ever came along that actually emulated a 1990s Adam Sandler character. But Harrington has done enough to prove that Happy Gilmore’s technique could possibly work.


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