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Mike Brown’s Devastating Hit on Jiri Hudler In Stanley Cup Playoffs

The best part about the Stanley Cup Playoffs every year is that the hits get harder and more frequent. But I’d be fine with just one hit per game if they were all like the punishment Ducks defenseman Mike Brown handed to Red Wings forward Jiri Hudler in game 1 of the opening round series between Detroit and Anaheim. This hit is totally clean, as Brown leads with all shoulder. And it is very, VERY hard, as it causes Hudler to bleed profusely from above his eye. No other serious injury took place, though; Brown will rightfully avoid suspension for this hit.

The only possible argument against the hit was that it was late, but Hudler had just dumped the puck back and had his head down at the time of the impact. He didn’t see Brown coming at all. One thing all NHL forwards need to have is a head on a swivel so crushing blind-side hits like Brown’s never happen.

For those of you who doubt what I say: just ask Eric Lindros how well he did keeping his eye on the puck.


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