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The Switch Pitcher: Baseball’s Last Dying Breed

I recently had a conversation with two friends about pitchers, and if it would ever be possible to see a pitcher who throws both righty and lefty, and does both effectively. I thought it would be impossible for any pitcher to ever be that good. After reading up on a handful of guys from the 1800s who did it, and almost falling asleep while reading it, I gave up thinking about it and conceded the thought of it ever happening. But today’s Rick Reilly article showcases the exact kind of pitcher I thought I’d only be able to dream of witnessing: a switch-pitcher!

Pat Venditte is currently in the New York Yankees system, so considering how poor their relief pitching is and could be for the future, he could land a major league job some day. And he would certainly be a sight to behold. Venditte boasts two different deliveries and slightly different pitch arsenals for each side of the mound. He has a special glove fitted with two thumbs. He pitches righty to right-handers, and vice-versa.

Even though I’m, a Red Sox fan and hate the Yankees with a passion, I would love to see the Yanks call Venditte up soon. Something I originally thought was extinct- if it ever existed at all- is now here, right before my eyes. Amazing!

Check out Venditte in action here:


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