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Roger Clemens Continues to Deny Steroid Use

I am patiently awaiting the day Roger Clemens finally comes clean about whatever he’s done to enhance his performance in the twilight of his career. In this era, where players grow exponentially and so do their stats, and do so unusually late in their careers, Clemens is perceived as one of the most prominent culprits. But he has categorically denied having used any illegal substances at all to enhance his performance. He’s denied it to the media, to fans and players, and most importantly to Congress.

I am awaiting the day he comes clean, because that will mean jail time for Clemens, a teary-eyed press conference, an apologetic and regretful speech, the whole works. Clemens will be perhaps the biggest fall from grace in sports history. His drug use will certainly trump that of Marion Jones, and probably every other baseball player. He’ll also go down as more infamous than Pete Rose, Marge Schott and the 1919 Chicago White Sox.

But for now, the guy just continues to dig a hole for himself. It just continues to get deeper and deeper and now, we can’t even see the bottom. If he had just come clean about whatever he used in the first place, he might be exonerated like his counterpart Andy Pettitte, who himself said to Congress that Clemens told him he had used HGH before.

He may even still be pitching. But it’s far too late for Clemens to change anything. He has no choice but to keep digging the hole until he’s unequivocally proven to be a past user. Then it’ll be time to jump in, and we’ll all help each other throw the dirt back in.

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