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LeBron James Unanimously Selected to All-NBA Team


As I’m reporting this story, I’m feeling a little disappointed that LeBron James’ votes to the 2009 All-NBA team were unanimous. It’s not like I was expecting any different or should have; this was a foregone conclusion and is only being reported as actual news because, well, the All-NBA team is always reported.

But I am ultimately disappointed by the unanimous voting for LeBron because I wish there was some jerk who voted him to the second team for no reason other than to cause a stir. That would’ve been just hilarious.

But alas, I have to report the inevitable. LeBron is a unanimous selection for the 2009 All-NBA team, and as the league’s MVP he clearly should have been. No surprises in the rest of the first-team lineup: Nowitzki, Wade, Howard and Bryant. I’m fine with it.

LeBron was certainly a human highlight reel this season. put together a nice video package here, but these plays barely even begin to cover James’ highlights from this season.


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