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Full Version of Bobby Lashley vs. Mike Cook

This fight is gaining buzz around the web because of its one-sidedness and the embarrassment of the loser in his mocking ways that led to his destruction. Mike “The Animal” Cook clearly didn’t take his opponent, Bobby Lashley, serious in any way, shape or form. Otherwise, why would he come to the ring in a Rey Mysterio mask and make several gestures that a professional wrestler would? Apparently, like Jason Guida before him, Cook did minimal research on Lashley’s experience. The former WWE champion was a national champion in wrestling before he took to the squared circle, but of course he needs to literally fight for respect due to wrestling’s image as “fake” or some kind of circus.

Cook says in the snippet before his entrance: “I know he was on TV as a wrestler, that’s fine…He will shit his pants once he gets here.” Cook was confident enough to say that not only he will win, but will win in one of several different ways: submission, submission through punches, or knockout. The well-spoken Lashley acknowledged how important this fight, and every fight, were to his career in Mixed Martial Arts, and he pulls no punches- literally- in his approach to this fight.

The bout doesn’t even begin until about the 9:12 mark of the video, but Cook’s video and entrance are worth watching as build-up to the humbling he’s about to receive. What should have been an ominous moment for Cook comes when Lashley refuses to touch gloves, but Cook seems to shrug it off.

Lashley gets a quick strike in that doesn’t quite connect, but allows him to latch onto Cook’s neck for a guillotine choke. You can notice Cook’s legs writhing and consciousness dwindling, and eventually the referee stops the fight. Lashley defeated Cook via knockout in about 24 seconds, and simultaneously silenced many of his critics. It may still take a few more fights, but Lashley deserves to be taken seriously as an MMA competitor right now.


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