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Ryan Church Makes a Rare Baseball Blunder

Players even doing this has almost become extinct, let alone costing your team a game because of it. But the Mets’ Ryan Church did exactly that Monday night, as he failed to touch third base while rounding the basepaths on a hit by Angel Pagan that would have given the Mets the lead in the top of the 11th inning.

But Joe Torre appealed to the umpires that Church missed third base on his way home, and when the Dodgers threw the ball to third, the umpires agreed and called Church out.

The Mets ended up making two more crucial errors in the bottom of the 11th to give the game to the Dodgers. They made five errors total, Church’s being the biggest and most embarrassing even though it technically doesn’t count as an error. I think it ought to be. Touching a base while running has to be the simplest thing for a baseball player to do. Failing at it is downright disgraceful.

The only video of the incident is at, so I can’t embed it here. But click the the photo of Church’s error below to watch the video:

Ryan Church


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