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Floyd Mayweather Goes 13 Rounds…Er, 13 Minutes, With Brian Kenny

No, Floyd Mayweather didn’t lose his first boxing match here. But with the way he carries and expresses himself, one would assume he’s never lost at anything. So I’m going to assume this interview with ESPN’s Brian Kenny is the first loss of his life, because all he does is dodge tough questions and make himself look even more egotistical than ever.

I’ve always been a fan of Brian Kenny as a journalist. His well-prepared, aggressive, no-nonsense approach to interviewing usually makes for some great conversations with people in the sports world. His bout with Mayweather is no exception, as the video is racking up the views on Youtube this week.

The interview revolves mainly around Mayweather’s decision to return to boxing from retirement to face lightweight champion Juan Manuel Marquez. But Mayweather is a welterweight champion who retired undefeated. So what’s he doing fighting a lightweight instead of, say, Manny Pacquiao, who defeated Marquez? Or “Sugar” Shane Moseley, the current welterweight champion?

Kenny asks Mayweather repeatedly why he wants to face Marquez instead of the other names mentioned, who would likely pose a bigger challenge. Mayweather basically never answers the question, instead choosing to talk more about how great he is.

His claim is that everyone makes excuses for his opponents. But he makes a laundry list of excuses for why he isn’t impressed by any of his potential opponents, including bringing up Marquez’s two losses over ten years ago.

Mayweather also stresses that he doesn’t need to win a belt to prove anything- or prove anything at all, for that matter.  So if he has nothing to prove, why not fight the best opponent available? Why fight at all?

Seems to me that Mayweather just wants to make more money. He obviously knows how big a draw he is, and clearly believes his fight with Marquez, who he says has “an entire country” supporting him, is the biggest draw boxing can offer right now.

Check out this very entertaining interview right here. Split decision goes to Kenny for making several valid points and simultaneously giving Mayweather credit for everything he’s done. Loss goes to Mayweather for his excessive shilling for himself, but it can’t be denied that the man is a great interview.

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